25 July 2018

From the hot to the cold - Iceland

Flying above Greenland
When we started searching for flights from the West Coast of the US back to Switzerland, we found an interesting offer connecting through Keflavik, Iceland's main airport just outside Reykjavik. Even better, the offer came with a free layover of up to seven days. We didn't hesitate for long of course and booked us a nice last destination on our way home.

Already the flight from Portland to Reykjavik was spectacular. As it was early July, the sun didn't set all night and so we could enjoy a beautiful view on the glaciers and fjords of southern Greenland. We landed early in the morning, just an hour earlier than our friends Sylvia and Jessica from Switzerland who joined our weeklong tour of Iceland.

5 February 2018

A road trip through the US of A - Part XII: coming to an end in Portland

Oregon coast, just outside Neskowin
One can not travel through the USA for three months and leave right before the 4th of July! So we gave our very best and did the full program. We were incredibly lucky that my sister knows a fantastic family in Portland! They invited us to spend Independence Day with them in their holiday house on the beach.

As we flew from Los Angeles to Portland we had to rent another car there. It is just so much easier to drive a car than to use public transport in the States. So we drove the two hours to our new home for the next few days: Neskowin. A little nest on one of the most beautiful beaches of the USA. And we lived on a little hill there, with the perfect view. We enjoyed the silence, as we knew that this would change very soon. People started decorating the town weeks ago, wherever you looked, it was all in red, white and blue!

25 January 2018

A road trip through the US of A - Part XI: California, quite awake

Yosemite National Park
After our time in the mountains and National Parks we could barely wait to see the sea again. And I could barely wait to see things that weren't that new anymore - I have been to Sebastopol before. I remembered our wonderful friends Judy and Jeff, whom we this time met for a coffee on the road because we crossed them on their way to Montana when we drove to California. And of course I remembered their llamas, cats, the turkeys in their garden and all the other beautiful animals. The good food, the wild garden, the organic fruits and vegetables. It felt like heaven, and I knew that would expect us again.

5 October 2017

A road trip through the US of A - Part X: Heading out west - Des Moines, IA - Reno, NV

Prairie dogs
We left Des Moines with less than a month of travelling in the US left. And so much ground to cover! But luckily, there wasn't much to see on the next 600 miles. So we drove quite quickly across the remaining part of Iowa, up along the border with Nebraska and across large parts of South Dakota. Fields upon fields and prairie as far as the eye can see. By noon the next day we reached the first attraction: the Badlands National Park. The colors of the many layers of earth and rock were nice to see, but we particularly liked the quite close encounter with the prairie dogs. But beware of touching them, they can spread diseases!

5 December 2016

A road trip through the US of A - part IX: Niagara Falls, NY - Des Moines, IA

Just above the Niagara Falls
The legendary Niagara Falls. Why are they legendary? Because the Americans know how to do marketing. Properly. Too much! When we arrived there we expected the Niagara Falls to be bigger than we could ever imagine. We expected to be blown away. When we arrived from the Canadian side, we looked at the American part - and had to smile. The Canadians mention the Niagara Falls, maybe, sometimes. And when you see their part, well, we actually were impressed. But the American part is a waterfall, not that impressive. But we had the impression it would be super big and important as it is in every movie and advertized a lot.

5 September 2016

A road trip through the US of A - Part VIII: Canada

Liquid Canadian gold
We know Canada is not just another part of the United States. But as 11 out of 12 weeks of our North America road trip were in US territory, we decided to include our quick trip across the border under the same theme.

We hadn't crossed any land borders recently (the last one was between Laos and Vietnam) but everything went smoothly. Only one question at the border caught us a bit off-guard: where do you live currently? In order to keep things simple, we said Switzerland. Getting to Montreal from the border was a piece of cake.

29 June 2016

A road trip through the US of A - Part VII: New England

Bernie Sanders
After two weeks in big cities, it was time for us to get out and enjoy nature again. The morning before we wanted to leave Boston, Senator Bernie Sanders launched his campaign for the US presidency in his home city: Burlington, Vermont. Curious about his campaign trail, I went online and checked out his next campaign rallies. And we were lucky! There would be two events right along our route north the day we planned to move anyway.

One was a campaign rally in a rural area, at a supporters private home and the other one at a local church in Portsmouth, NH. We quickly RSVPd for both of them, packed our bags and drove north. On the way, we got hungry and stopped at a local dinner, where we ate a delicious lobster brisket. Thanks to our many friends, we knew that New England was the best part of the US for fresh lobster.