7 June 2015

Alona beach, Panglao and Bohol

Alona beach, Panglao
After Puerto Princesa, we needed a proper goodbye from the Philippines. People say this country has the most beautiful beaches in the world. We saw some spectacular ones, but the sand was never as white as it can possibly get and the water never as turquoise as we were hoping for. So we went to Alona Beach, because the pictures online looked nice.

And the sand was whiter than the one on the beaches we have seen before, and the water was perfectly see through and a little turquoise. That perfect place had its price though and we were not the only guests there. Hotel rooms on the first two streets from the beach cost a fortune, food is extremely expensive in most of the places for the Philippines and every five meters there is a guy waiting, trying to sell dolphin boat tours or whale shark tours. We went from hotel to hotel to ask about their availability and prices. The first four hotels were full. Then there were some not pretty places that cost way too much. We got pretty disappointed. Then we saw the sign with a blue elephant that said "950 PHP (19 EUR) per night". That was a little more than we planned to pay but a good price for the area. We decided to bargain for a little discount as we'd stay for eight nights.