28 August 2014

The journey to Derawan

The most comfortable way to cover
big distances in Indonesia
Lisa had to prepare and attend a conference in Bali (Asian Finance Association Conference, hosted by the university she works at). The budget of the conference being too tight to invite me, I ventured out to see another beautiful part of Indonesia. As a destination I chose Derawan. If you've never heard the name, never mind. No tourists and only a few travelers make it there. Even most Indonesians just had question marks in their eyes when I mentioned my destination.

25 August 2014

Western Travellers in Indonesia

View from Gili Air towards Lombok
Indonesia is a huge country with more than 17'000 islands. Nobody knows the exact number, and information about that changes each time you try to look it up. And this is one of the first things preparing your trip to Indonesia: not only the number about the islands, but all information is inconsistent or difficult to find. Reliable information is not the highest priority in Indonesia. To find facts and figures is hard, daily news can be found in newspapers but you have to know which ones exist and whether you can trust their information. And an English translation is often not available.