A road trip through the US of A - Part VI: Boston and the Ivy League

Yale university - on the way to Boston
Harvard, MIT, and all the other important universities. Boston seemed to consist mainly of universities. We were incredibly lucky to stay with Marcelo, the brother of our friend Marcela (whom we stayed with in Georgia). He invited us to come and see what he and his wonderful family lived like. They were fantastic hosts and shared everything with us. We highly appreciated their enormous hospitality! One of the highlights was that we could also visit the MIT with Marcelo. He is about to finish his PostDoc degree there and took us on a tour through the labs, to meet his super friendly colleagues and to see the entire campus. That was very impressive!

Visiting MIT
The tour through the MIT spoilt us though. When we later on went to see the Harvard University we were very disappointed. We thought we'd kind of know it already from all the movies and would finally see it. Someone told us later why we were so disappointed that it was all very small, unfriendly and nothing accessable for visitors (besides looking quite different from what we saw); when Harvard appears in a movie, they actually show the University of Toronto. Ha! Cheaters!

Downtown Boston
So clearly, we loved the MIT. And not Harvard. And we loved fresh salad in one of the many salad bars in Boston. The food there seemed fresher and better than in most other places we've been to in the United States. But that is only an impression.The city itself was okay, but somehow we did not really connect with it. Luckily we had such a fantastic host who made our time there very special!

More pictures from Boston and some Ivy League universities


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