There are two main ways how you can help us and contribute to our travels and our blog:

First, we believe in the power of social information sharing. A lot of recommendations during our travels we got from friendly locals, other travellers or expats. We like to share our knowledge and hope that you'll do the same. If you have any recommendations for our current or future destinations, please share them with us.

Second, we like to engage in discussions with our readers and other travellers. Our blog posts are our own experiences and thoughts. We're not always right and everything we write is our subjective point of view. If you experienced something differently or wish to discuss just about anything, don't hesitate. That's what the comment function is for! Also don't hesitate to Contact Us.
As we're now traveling as a family with kids, we're always very happy about your input, where we could go with the kids, what they have to discover, where people are family friendle...
Also don't hesitate to Contact Us.



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