30 March 2016

A road trip through the US of A - Part V: New York City, NY

When we realized, that we were about to enter New York City by car I became a bit emotional. No clue why, but somehow I never dared dreaming about that. I don't even know why this should be a big deal for me. I have visited that place twice already. The first time with my dearest Mimi - we had 24 hours in this spectacular place - the second time I went there by myself. Now it was the third time. Well, 'murica is magic and weird and has strange influences on people, obviously I am no exception at all.

We entered the city from the west, through New Jersey and entered Manhattan by the George Washington Bridge, as our goal was Uptown Manhattan. We planned to stay with our former flat mate Eduardo, who lives next to Colombia University. You wouldn't believe it, but we immediately found a free parking spot, where we could leave our car for the whole week, for no money, right in front of Edu's house. All we had to do was move it when they planned to clean the street, twice that week. We were soooo lucky!

8 March 2016

A road trip through the US of A - Part IV: Washington, DC

White house selfie
When we checked who of our couchsurfing friends we could visit in the USA we were surprised that our friend from Ethiopia, whose couch we surfed in Addis Abeba already, moved to Washington D.C. recently. The capital of the United States, so kind of the capital of the world, right? We watched House of Cards before we went there, and we read stories and we visited important places and we listened to the stories people told about this place. In a nutshell, expectations were extremely high!