31 July 2015

Road trip Australia Perth - Esperance

Lucky Bay
Leaving Perth was not easy, not at all. Emotionally, leaving our dear friends Daniel and Crystal who hosted us and spoiled us thoroughly was hard. But what made us coming back after a few kilometers was really our camper van. We booked a normal van from Wicked Campers, one of the hundreds of van rental companies in Australia.

Wicked were the most affordable ones, especially as we discovered their special offer: 30 days for 2900 AUD (1900 EUR) including insurance and outback fees. But when we wanted to use the fifth gear for the first time on the highway, it made weird noises, I shifted back down immediately. After Fabs tried to use it too we decided that this would not work for the next 6500 kilometers and that we better turned around. So we went back to the garage and office of Wicked. When we arrived there again, they checked the car and admitted that it won't work out for our plans to drive to Melbourne. So they asked us wheather we'd want a brand new car. Sure we said yes and a bit later we stuffed all our luggage into a white, clean, brand new van.

27 July 2015

Australia reloaded: Perth

After more than a year in Asia, we were craving for a change. We love Asia, its constantly puzzling cultures and friendly people, but we were looking forward to a quick escape to the Western world. So we flew to Australia. I had been down under the year before, travelling to Sydney, up the coast to Brisbane and finally to Melbourne. We chose a different part of this huge country for a five week road trip.

We found cheap flights with AirAsiaX into Perth and out of Adelaide, but as the later route got cancelled, we finally flew out of Melbourne. Including luggage, we paid less than 500 EUR for both flights for the two of us. Leaving Kuala Lumpur, we were excited for our first long haul flight with a low cost airline. The journey to Perth took us six hours and the flight was reasonably comfortable. Soon, we landed in one of the remotest cities in the world.