29 October 2014

Karimunjawa – Travelling Indonesian Style

Our beloved beach on Karimunjawa
If you want to get a real Indonesian experience, we can highly recommend you to go to Karimunjawa - an Island group north of Java, paradise for all Indonesians. When Lisa came to Indonesia, she asked her local friends where she absolutely must go. Besides Bunaken, on top of the list they all mentioned Karimunjawa. Local travel agencies offer trips there that take between two and five days.

White beaches, forests, few people, not too touristy yet. But that might change soon. As the tour operators all offer tours from the port in Jepara and organize the accommodation on the island we decided not to book a tour but organize everything ourselves. Because the really difficult part is not the one the agencies offer to do for you: to find a safe and not too time consuming transport to Jepara. We were lucky to have a great host mum who let us use her old Taft, so we decided to drive ourselves to the port by car.

19 October 2014

Rinjani: the mighty volcano of Lombok

Early morning view on Rinjani from the village where
the hike starts 
Number three in altitude in Indonesia, Gunung Rinjani is quite an impressive volcano – actually it is two. Because in the big crater there is a smaller volcano growing in the middle of the crater lake. A spectacular view that is totally worth the great effort it will cost you trekking up there.

You can book the tour either on one of the Gili Islands, online, in one of the cities on Lombok or at the foot of Rinjani itself. You can book two day one night tours to the crater or you can book three day two night trips including the peak. We decided to go to the crater only, as Lisa does not like hiking anyway and a good 2000m trekking straight uphill in tropical climate seemed challenging enough.

13 October 2014

Gili Islands - Paradise in three variations

Beach on Gili Air - Lombok
Three little islands, visible from far away: Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. The tropical dream for every tourist in Indonesia. White sand beaches, food from all over the world, perfect views no matter where you are. We spent a couple of days on Gili Air, the Island for backpackers and families. Gili Meno is catering more to honeymooners with its exclusive and spacious resorts while Gili Trawangan is occupied by the party crowd seeking house, trance and magic mushrooms.