7 February 2016

A road trip through the US of A - Part III: Valdosta, GA - Washington, DC

In the swamps around Valdosta
After rushing from the west coast to the south-east, we were very happy to stay for a bit in the same location. I hosted Marcela and BJ back in 2010 in Bern and I was looking forward to see them again. Much had changed since then, as they were now the proud parents of two adorable girls. But they were still as welcoming as I remembered.

We spent quite a few days in Valdosta, hanging out with BJ and Marcela, visiting their workplaces, enjoying great food together, playing with the kids, helping to fix the fridge, going walking in a swamp and in general having a great time. We even got to celebrate one of the girls' birthday! When Marcela heard that we would probably go to Boston later on, she immediately called her brother who invited us to stay with him and his family. It's great to have such friends and we're already looking forward to host Marcela, BJ and the girls again in Switzerland.