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Lisa and I met in late 2006 in a train station. We share the same passion for travelling and exploring the world. Life didn't always allow us to travel together, but we could always understand and support the other's strong desire to roam the world and break free. In Summer 2013 we both decided to quit our jobs and spend our lives outside of Europe for a while. We are back in Switzerland now and live a more settled life, but travelling remains our passion. For now, we will mainly travel to more or less exotic destinations during our holidays and weekends.

When I, Fabian, turned 18, I went to Budapest and Prague during my first self organized trips. I rapidly fell in love with travelling and today still wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes. During my studies, I traveled mainly in Europe and Africa. After my studies, I started exploring Central and South America. My former girlfriend introduced me to Couchsurfing, which opened a whole new world to me. 2013-2015 Lisa and I lived for a year in Indonesia and travelled extensively around Asia/Oceania and North America.
I'm passionate about life, traveling, discovering places, friends, dishes, landscapes, customs and habits. I live and travel with my heart and mind wide open. I love to share food, laughter, stories, experiences, languages, music, great times, making friends. Happiness is only real when shared.

In Indonesia, they call me aunty red hair, in Malaysia they call me blue eye... I love to hear and see how people react here. After a very average life in Switzerland, it is fascinating (but also tiring sometimes) to get so many reactions for just being me. And that is an important part of me; watching people, their behavior, guessing their stories, connecting the stories they tell with official history, my own background and the circumstances that shaped all these people. After doing that already in Switzerland my entire life, I discovered that there are so many more people, more cultures, different histories and as many perspectives as human beings on this planet to be discovered. As an incredibly curious person I can satisfy the longing for new stories very easily through travelling. Being a person who can travel and not only loves to listen to stories but also loves to spread the stories people tell me, I decided to let you know about all these wonderful, but also scary, worrying, curious, strange and simply amazing things I discover while following my passion. Take it or leave it, and if you feel like, give us some feedback so that we can improve this blog for you and learn from you, just as we do from all the people we meet on the road.


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