19 May 2015

Puerto Princesa - where princesses "rock 'n' roll"

The living room of  Dallas Hostel, Puerto Princesa
After all these spectacular beaches, we were back in a city. Not too big, nothing special at first sight. We arrived by minivan from Port Barton. We extra booked a minivan ride because it seemed quite a bit faster and more luxurious for the little extra money. Well, it wasn't really worth it. Even though Port Barton consists of about three streets crossing four streets, it took the drivers (team of three) a good hour to pick up the ten passengers.

When we finally started the bumpy ride, we were looking forward to a short direct ride. But as the drivers already arrived too late in Port Barton, they had to stop for lunch and a couple of times for the toilet. All in all we might have had a quieter ride and more space in a Jeepney, they squeezed in too many people, the drivers were sitting together in the front plus passengers and the back was stuffed too.

5 May 2015

Port Barton – the jewel of Palawan

Enjoying the beachfront in Port Barton
If you're looking for a quiet retreat, where the world is still a little bit perfect, go to Port Barton. We spontaneously decided to spend a couple of days there between El Nido and Puerto Princesa. The trip to this fantastic place is not too convenient yet, probably that is what helps to keep mass tourism off. We had to tell the driver in El Nido to please kick us out of the mini van at the junction in Roxas. From there, we took a jeepney to Port Barton. Sure there is no timetable for jeepneys in Roxas and the tricycle guys want you to take a ride with them. But the mini van from El Nido to Roxas costs 350 PHP (7 EUR), the jeepney to Port Barton costs 150 PHP (3 EUR). Why would I pay minimum 500 PHP (10 EUR) for two people, when it is incredibly uncomfortable, stinky and you are not faster at all? We waited for the next jeepney to come and had a perfect open air ride to paradise.