21 June 2014


View from Ternate to Tidore
One island, one mountain, one city. That is Ternate, the destination we spontaneously added to our trip to Manado and Bunaken, as it is also the gateway to northern Maluku. Flying in through clouds that always cover the top of the vulcano after lunch, first thing you see is the dark waters and that the entire volcano is covered with thick jungle. Along the coast you discover a few houses, rapidly that become more and more: Kota Ternate stretches out over about 14km around the small island, a place definitely off the beaten track, as soon we found out. And you see that it is not the only island you can barely wait to discover. Neighboured by its historically rival island Tidore, both of them pretty close to apparently huge Halmahera island and many more small, also wood-covered islets.

15 June 2014


Bunaken island
Divers paradise, one more in Indonesia. But one more that really is a paradise. Bunaken island is one of many islands that you can reach through Manado airport, but for divers it is the most interesting one, as it is best equipped and developed for their passion. There are many different resorts on the islands for all budgets.

13 June 2014

Manado - Lihaga

View from Manado harbour
Our dear friend Florian Spisla wanted to include a visit to Indonesia in his round the world ticket, to see us and to discover a new place. The goal was to meet on a nice island, which is easy to reach from abroad and great to hang out a couple of days. When Lisa asked her colleagues in Solo about the most beautiful places in Indonesia, everybody immediately answered „Bunaken!“ But there are no direct flights to Bunaken – Manado seems to be the gateway to heaven for divers, tourists from Indonesia and other parts of the world. We decided to see the gate also, as we had to pass through it anyway.

12 June 2014

Don't think just travel – A new beginning

Lisa and Fabian - your blogging team
Are you wondering if you should stay in your office job or go travelling? We have the answer: Don't think – just travel. Are you asking yourself if you should explore South America or Asia? Don't think – just travel.

Until recently, the title of this blog was „With my mind wide open“. Fabian is still on the road and neither his mind nor his heart narrowed so far. But as Lisa is about to finish her year as a proofreader and English teacher at Universitas Sebelas Maret in Solo (Surakarta), she joins this blog as a new author. If you're curious about her, check out our About Us section.