5 February 2018

A road trip through the US of A - Part XII: coming to an end in Portland

Oregon coast, just outside Neskowin
One can not travel through the USA for three months and leave right before the 4th of July! So we gave our very best and did the full program. We were incredibly lucky that my sister knows a fantastic family in Portland! They invited us to spend Independence Day with them in their holiday house on the beach.

As we flew from Los Angeles to Portland we had to rent another car there. It is just so much easier to drive a car than to use public transport in the States. So we drove the two hours to our new home for the next few days: Neskowin. A little nest on one of the most beautiful beaches of the USA. And we lived on a little hill there, with the perfect view. We enjoyed the silence, as we knew that this would change very soon. People started decorating the town weeks ago, wherever you looked, it was all in red, white and blue!