Gili Islands - Paradise in three variations

Beach on Gili Air - Lombok
Three little islands, visible from far away: Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. The tropical dream for every tourist in Indonesia. White sand beaches, food from all over the world, perfect views no matter where you are. We spent a couple of days on Gili Air, the Island for backpackers and families. Gili Meno is catering more to honeymooners with its exclusive and spacious resorts while Gili Trawangan is occupied by the party crowd seeking house, trance and magic mushrooms.

You have to consider a little higher budget on these islands then for other places in Indonesia if you want to get the full program like a hotel room with western standard, seat toilet, view on the beach and AC. But
Relaxing in a beachside restaurant 
that means still somewhere between 600’000-3 million IDR (40-200 EUR) per night. Budget rooms (western standard but with fan instead of AC and maybe 200 meters from the beach) cost around 250'000 to 500'000 IDR (18-36 EUR). These are high season prices. Out of the high season (July, August, December), prices drop considerably.

One main “street” goes around the island, you can find hotels all the way around. Jogging it takes you about 45min, which is totally worth getting up at 5 am. to enjoy the sunrise and do your work out. You can find many people doing sports and yoga welcoming the day. Also, in the early morning the view on the volcanoes Agung (Bali) and Rinjani (Lombok) are usually clear. But that is only the beginning. The island offers a lot of
Between two dives around the Gili Islands
sport and fun activities, such as diving, snorkeling, stand up paddling, kite surfing etc.. Trips to other islands or trekking to Rinjani are available too (see our post about the Rinjani trek).

We decided to relax and enjoy – fresh seafood, delicious drinks, nice conversations with travelers, the perfect view of the stars… A perfect place for the touristy part of your journey across Indonesia.

More pictures from the Gili Islands (July 2014)

Happy after a week on the Gili Islands


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