Don't think just travel – A new beginning

Lisa and Fabian - your blogging team
Are you wondering if you should stay in your office job or go travelling? We have the answer: Don't think – just travel. Are you asking yourself if you should explore South America or Asia? Don't think – just travel.

Until recently, the title of this blog was „With my mind wide open“. Fabian is still on the road and neither his mind nor his heart narrowed so far. But as Lisa is about to finish her year as a proofreader and English teacher at Universitas Sebelas Maret in Solo (Surakarta), she joins this blog as a new author. If you're curious about her, check out our About Us section.

To reflect this change and our common approach to travelling and exploring this world, we decided to change the name of our blog to Don't think – just travel. We don't want to encourage our readers to skip research and thorough information gathering before venturing out. We both like to take informed decisions too. But when it comes to deciding about where to go, where to sleep, eat and party, and what to do, we trust our gut feeling.

Not only the name of the blog has changed. As you can see we have redesigned it; new colors, pages, new content and a lot more, as we decided to still post for our friends, but also for all travellers who would like to see the treasures of this world. We just came back from our two weeks trip to northern Maluku and North Sulawesi – pictures and stories about that will be published soon here.

To make it easier for our readers to follow us, we created a facebook page for our blog with the same name: Don't think – just travel. And of course you can find all our brand new blog posts on


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