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We both have our University degrees, we both had great jobs in Switzerland. We decided to quit our employments to travel the world. During our travels we wrote, tought, proofread, motivated, trained, improved and consulted. Now we decided that we love what we do, but we love our friends a little bit more. So we moved back to Switzerland, we settled down, found fantastic jobs, got married, have two kids and soon a house. It's so cheesy we barely belief it ourselves.

Before travelling the world, it was very important for us to get a solid basic education and some work experience, so that we could go back home and continue our life if we ever feel like. We were lucky to save some money while gathering our work experience. As most of you know, travelling isn't for free. While life is significantly cheaper in big parts of our world than in Western Europe, we still spent money on accommodation, food, activities (hiking, diving, entrance fees, etc.) and last but definitely not least, on transportation. This was the life we chose and we were happy with it.

Lisa is a trained journalist and PR professional. She spent her career so far writing articles for newspapers, producing content for media, PR and advertisement campaigns and PR consulting, she training people as tv presenters and coached them what to do if you have to do communications during a crisis. Now she works as a Social Media Manager for the Swiss Government. Between September 2013 and 2014 she also worked at the Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia, as proofreader, English teacher and Master of Ceremony of conferences. To stay tuned check her LinkedIn Account here.

Fabian studied media and communications, management and sociology and subsequently worked as PR assistant and PR and campaign manager in different fields including banking, animal protection and environmental conservation. Now he works as a fundraiser and communications specialist for another NGO.
To stay tuned check his LinkedIn Account here.

As we are employed in serious jobs, at the moment you cannot hire us. But if you need help, you can still consult us, as we're happy to help if we have the time to do so. Here is a little part of our professional experience:
  • Public relations and promotion: You want to plan and execute a campaign? You need the text for a new handout or brochure? We can work out the ideal concept for you or even help you to put it in place. We have a broad network all over the world that provides a great resource for your success. 
  • Journalism and content production: We can write technical, promotional, explanatory and many more text forms. Whether for your magazine, your website, your advertisement, a speech, emails or user relations. We provide you with different forms of news articles, such as reports, features, insight articles, experience reports and many more. 
  • Project management: Lisa and Fabian have great experience in how to plan the different stages of small and big projects. For many years already we love to engage in private as well as in professional projects. Timing, budget and staff are our focuses, and we know how to manage detailed planning and execution. A vision and a mission are great to have. But the goal is to get as close as you can to what you promise your target group. That is where we can support you. 
  • Redesign/optimization of websites: Lisa and Fabian both have wide experience in support and management of redesigns of different kinds of websites. From governmental information pages in Switzerland to small private sector websites, we know how to design information so that your target group will receive the message you want. 
  • Translation and proofreading: Lisa is fluent in German and English, has an advanced level in French and basic knowledge in Bahasa Indonesia. Fabian is fluent in German, French and English and both speaks and writes at an advanced level in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. We both worked translating content between the aforementioned languages as well as proofreading and editing.
  • Travelling: Yes, that's a skill. We know how to research travel information about new destinations, excite people about the things we discovered and explored, and we got our experiences. We can help you with any questions you might have regarding travelling. Just contact us and tell us how we can be at your service! In the mean time, stay calm and enjoy.


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