Hello, goodbye

Wine tasting with friends (photo by Jessica)
Holidays in Switzerland. That never sounded spectacular to me. Yes, it is the country of mountains, cows, chocolate, watches and banks. But for most of my life chocolate made me even fatter, watches showed me that I am late, banks reminded me to earn more money and start a career, cows were just everywhere and in between the mountains I felt simply limited. But after one year in Indonesia I started to realize that there is a lot more to that country and that there are millions of people dreaming of a holiday in this place.

Missing my friends and family pretty bad after a while, I could barely wait to go back to the place I was supposed to call home. And with this coming home, it really became a place that I finally love. I still know nothing is perfect or easy there. But I learned that my beloved ones would make it the best place on earth.

Happy fundue people in a mountain hut (photo by Jessica)
The happiness I felt arriving in Zürich and seeing my family and later on meeting one friend after the other was indescribable. And during the time abroad I realized that they mean a lot. Facing them I realized how much!

We spent three extremely satisfying and wonderful weeks in Switzerland. There was a lot of admin stuff to be done, and I had to finally get my drivers license. But we managed to see a majority of our friends. We saw how much happened in their lives. Some became parents, some mastered major challenges, some lost their partners. I was incredibly scared that we would have trouble to reconnect with those we left. That we would sit there and wouldn't know how to talk to each other. But that was never the case and I could enjoy every second. It is good to know that life goes on for everybody. But it feels even better to see that our friends, no matter how far we must travel, still are our friends. Thank you, families and friends, to give us such an amazing home.

Visiting Lisa's dad in Oberägeri
That all made it incredibly hard to go away again. We were thrilled, as Fabian calls it, to finally start our traveling. To finally discover the world, as it was our dream for many years. But in the mean time it was horrible to say goodbye again.

Even though there was this big mix of feelings and I was sometimes very close to blow my dreams off and just stay in this now very comfortable place, I knew that it would not be like that if we stayed. We had to go again. To satisfy the crave for adventures, and that it was crucial to leave the comfort zone, once again. And so we did. Another though goodbye, another jump out into the world with no plan at all where we would end up.


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