Election day

Election days are always very special days for countries and their citizens. And also for the politically interested traveler. I still remember that we couldn't get any alcohol for three full days during a referendum in Bolivia 2004. Here in Indonesia, the about 190 million voters can elect today the 560 members of the national parliament (DPR), the members of their regional consultative councils (DPD) as well as local governments. The outcome of these elections will also decide what candidates are eligible to run for president in July. Election day is like a national holiday, only very few people work, so everything is also much more relaxed than on a normal working day. Lisa and I had the chance to join our host family to the ballots and talk with some of the people involved in the election process.

Just a few steps from our home. Usually this is a local school.

A lot of people and parties to choose from.

First you have to register at the entrance.

Then you get your ballot papers.

Make your choice!

And put the ballot papers in the appropriate ballot boxes.

They watch that everything is done correctly.

And to make sure you only vote once:

Thank you for this experience!


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