17 October 2013

Ready to go? Almost.

The countdown is running fast and faster. Only 7 days left at work, only 14 days in Switzerland and I'll be on the road. First destination: Brasil. (I do know it's written with a z in English, but I usually prefer local geographical names, except when they're not known to the wider public, i.e. Krung Thep Mahanakhon).

Not everything is ready for my travels yet, there is still paperwork to get done and I haven't even given a thought about packing. Slowly I'm starting to plan (quite flexibly) my first two weeks of travelling, which I intend to spend around Salvador and Bahia.

Since accepting a job and definitely settling down in Bern, almost 4 years ago, I've been longing for this moment. I was lucky to have a job I considered meaningful, a great working environment and, last but not least, a great boss and team to work with. But there was always this little voice inside my head telling me I'm too young and restless to commit for too long and that I need to go out and see the world again.

After 4 years, I finally "succumbed" to that voice as my longing for foreign places, experiences, people and cultures grew stronger every day. Fortunately, my boss was very understanding when I told her I would quit in order to go travelling.

The next two weeks will be all about getting ready. Getting done all the paperwork, do some planning, packing my bags. But more essentially opening up my heart and mind to this state of all-encompassing wonder and curiosity. Getting ready to get amazed and amaze, to immerse myself into the unknown, to learn, teach and share.


  1. Hi Fabian! I'll follow you for sure! I wish you good luck!

  2. Have a good flight tomorrow and a relaxing start in Brazil!
    See you sometime somewhere on this world!


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