23 October 2013

Fear? A step into the unknown.

As I'm finishing the last paperwork before my departure, a lot of thoughts and questions are currently running through my mind.

Where will I go? What will I do? Will I be happy finally doing what I was longing for? Will I make a lot of knew friends? Will I miss "home"? Will I be lonely?

It's not that I'm travelling for the first time. I've been there, exploring unknown territories and cultures, meeting people and making friends along the way. And I do know once you've started the journey, your insecurities and second thoughts are gone. I know that I will make a lot of friends, I know that I will be lonely sometimes, but I also know that I will be truly happy and smiling from the bottom of my heart. After almost 5 years, I still get that tingly feeling when I think about all the great experiences and encounters during my last trip through South America.

A lot of the thoughts I'm having those days are about leaving the things behind that I love and care about. Last time I went travelling, I left a job I didn't like and got bullied out of my flatshare by one of my flatmates. Of course I had friends, but nothing like the deep friendships I was lucky to experience during the last few years. This time, I'm leaving a job that I loved doing and I will continue to care about, I will miss an awesome team I had the pleasure to work with and, most importantly, I will miss my friends.

I will miss you, but I realized that friendship isn't actually tied to a location. I see some of my best friends only once a year (or not even) and I still care a lot about them and am always happy when they're around. And I know that part of them will be with me on my travels.

Travelling, in the end, is always a step into the unknown, out of your comfort zone. But as long as I know my friends are with me, I won't fear this step.

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